Since our launch 6593 days ago, 59176 Australians have said 'Not In My Name!'

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The 'Not In Our Name' register will act as an historical record of those Australians who do not support the attack on IRAQ by Australia.
The register will be on-going so keep telling your friends. At given opportunities the list will be presented to government. On the 23rd of March we delivered a combined list of 45,000 names to Senator Brown and Senator Bartlett during the 'Convergence on Canberra Rally'. Photos of 'Not In Our Name' presenting the first register to Senators Brown and Bartlett can be seen in the gallery.
Senators Andrew Bartlett and Kerry Nettle tabled 50,000 'Not In Our Name' registrants this week. You may listen to Senator Bartlett discussing and tabling the first 30,000 names of the 'Not In Our Name' register in parliament. [Note: Windows Media Player Req'd]. Alternatively, you may read an extract of the Senators speech. [Note: Adobe Acrobat Req'd]
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