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The 'Not In Our Name' organisation was created at 12:40am on Monday the 17th March in response to the serious lack of attention being given by the Australian Government to the large numbers of us that dissapprove of the attack on IRAQ.
'Not In Our Name' coordinator and creator, Brad Pollard, is a concerned individual with no political affiliations. However since starting the site Brad has been talking with a number of Senators about the best way of tabling this register of names in parliament.
The register will be on-going so keep telling your friends. At given opportunities the list will be presented to government. On the 23rd of March we delivered our first register of names to Senators Brown and Bartlett during the 'Convergence on Canberra Rally'.
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The 'Not In Our Name' register is supported by Senator Kerry Nettle and Senator Andrew Bartlett. Both Senators are seeking to table the register in Parliament.
Perhaps our numbers will be enough to persuade certain members of the Government to cross the floor on this issue and pass a motion to bring our troops home!
Tell all your friends, we've got work to do!
To contact the 'Not In Our Name' organisation either email us at info@notinourname.org.au or phone us on (02) 9699 1079.
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